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WSCS offers the following exams:


These exams are designed to test your knowledge of the information presented during the course. All questions in the exams were discussed in the respective course sessions. The questions and answers were developed by the instructor teaching the course.

WSCS will test each student signed up for the examination. Those students who pass the test will be awarded a certificate of successful completion of the corresponding course. The tests are 2-hour, 40- or 50-question, open book exams. Test scores will be mailed to the student and the student's supervisor, as requested. Each student will receive a new hard bound book at the beginning of the course as follows:

FUNDAMENTALS - Peabody's "Control of Pipeline Corrosion" (latest edition) and accompanying workbook and CD (List Price $129)

INTERMEDIATE - AMPP "Corrosion Basics--An Introduction," (latest edition) by Pierre Roberge (List Price $215)

ADVANCED - "Uhlig's Corrosion Handbook," latest edition (List Price $217)

The cost of each exam is $150 (book, exam, and certificate) in addition to the normal registration fee. Select this as an "Add-on" when you register.

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